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A 5-Year-Old Boy with Scurvy, Severe Anemia, and Severe Malnutrition: A Challenge

  • Putu Ianta Parama Siwi ,
  • I Gusti Ayu Putu Eka Pratiwi ,
  • I Gusti Lanang Sidiartha ,


Background: Scurvy is a rare disease caused by a severe vitamin C deficiency in the diet. Due to its rarity compared to other dietary deficiencies, it is seldom recognized, resulting in a typical delay in diagnosis. This issue is more common in children with physical disabilities or poor eating habits. This study aims to examine the medical history of a healthy young individual who was unexpectedly diagnosed with scurvy.

Case description: We report a five-year-old male with hearing impairment presented to our clinic with a movement limitation in lower limbs in one week. The patient's dietary history indicated that meat, fruits, and vegetables were strictly limited. Based on the X-ray results of the right and left genu, there is evidence of spur formation accompanied by sclerosis and irregular metaphysis in the femur and tibia of both sides (known as Pelken's spur). Additionally, there are dense areas with calcification on the surface of the spur (referred to as the Frankel line), as well as reduced bone trabeculation and thinning of the outer layer of the bone (referred to as pencil thin cortex). The presence of radiographic characteristics indicated osteopenia raises suspicions of scurvy. According to the complete blood count examination, the patient had severe anemia. The patient is severely malnourished. Based on the dietary history, clinical symptoms, and radiographic evidence, scurvy was diagnosed.

Conclusion: Our case demonstrates the importance of emphasizing the need for dietary screening to reduce over-examination in patients with non-specific complaints.


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