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Fat transfer principles and applications in plastic surgery: a literature review

  • Astrinita Lestari Suyata ,
  • Shita Diwyani Sudarsa ,
  • Gede Wara Samsarga ,


Fat transfer of fat grafting is a renowned technique in plastic surgery, in which harvested fat tissue is injected beneath the skin into part of the body to be reconstructed. The fat transfer technique is the most popular choice for reconstructive and cosmetic procedures due to its low immunogenicity, low cost, and ease of access. In cosmetic, reconstructive plastic surgery, the fat transfer procedure is done by moving fat tissue from one body part to another body part. It consists of five main procedures: harvesting fat tissue, processing fat tissue, determining the recipient location, transferring or grafting fat tissue, and retaining or surviving the graft/fat transfer results. Procedures for fat transfer are typically done on the face, breasts, and buttocks. Fat transfer can lead to many consequences, such as skin issues, hematomas, infections, seromas, and even fatal fat emboli. This literature review aims to explain the principles of fat transfer and their applications in plastic surgery.


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