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Osteolytic lesion in primary intracranial meningioma: A case report


Background: Hyperostosis of the skull is one of the characteristics of intracranial meningioma. In contrast, osteolytic lesions are very rarely discovered in meningioma. This study presented a rare instance of intracranial meningioma accompanied by significant osteolytic lesions.

Case presentation: A 70-year-old male patient presented with a chief complaint of a left-sided scalp lump which developed progressively within two years. Seizures and right-sided weakness have been reported. A mass of approximately 8 cm in diameter with a smooth surface was noted during a physical examination. The brain magnetic resonance imaging revealed an ± 10 x 9.6 x 8.6 cm lobulated homogeneous mass on the left temporoparietal region and heterogeneously enhanced after intravenous contrast injection. A localized osteolytic lesion was detected extending from the left temporal region to the left parietal region. A craniectomy was performed to obtain the pathological diagnosis and for complete removal of the mass. Histopathological evaluation revealed the presence of an atypical meningioma.

Conclusion: Bone destruction by meningioma may occur because of either neoplastic infiltration or pressure erosion.


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