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12th Bali Cardiology Update Proceeding Abstract

  • Agung Suwirya ,



As the COVID-19 pandemic has been resolved, we are glad to welcome our colleagues to visit the paradise island, Bali, while joining our annual meeting, the 12th Bali Cardiology update that will be held offline. We organises workshops, symposiums, plenary talks, lectures with international and national keynote speakers, and interactive gatherings from throughout regions to discuss cutting-edge discoveries to advance the profession and medications specializing in cardiovascular disease managements, providing an absolutely superb framework for professionals in cardiovascular health, researchers, scientists, healthcare specialists, academicians, and individuals with interest in cardiology. This is your best opportunity to network with the most individuals from hospitals, academic institutions, heart associations, and research facilities because there are people from all over the world interested in finding a few solutions in the field of cardiology. The opportunity to network with colleagues and hear from renowned cardiologists and cardiovascular researchers at this cardiology summit is unmatched.


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Suwirya, A. (2023). 12th Bali Cardiology Update Proceeding Abstract. Intisari Sains Medis, 14(2), 1–10.




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